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Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Lonely Is A Place In You
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Loneliness can be found in the oddest of places -

In a crowded room, at a bar, at a party in a throng of sweaty bodies, amidst traffic on the sidewalk of city streets.

Other times it is found in bed alone. While driving your car, stirring coffee in the kitchen, or scrolling through your Facebook feed.

And, sometimes, too -

loneliness can be found in another person’s arms.


16 Jan 14 at 2 am

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"That’s the power of this place. It’s like spring break for adults." ―The Way Way Back (2013)

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me in the school hallway

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Mint Green Wall [Archangelos] by varve on Flickr.

Cats of Rhodes Town by Glücksfee on Flickr.